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A Doll Lover's Dream House

Walk around a house filled with dolls as you explore the exhibit at Cheryl's Doll House. This is the personal doll collection of owner Cheryl Cressman and it is located in a four-bedroom house restored to the appearance of the early 1900s when it was built. It has all the original woodwork including hardwood floors throughout. There are around 700 dolls on display, mostly collectors' porcelain dolls, as well as several fully furnished doll houses. All of the houses and most of the furniture inside are handmade, and you can also see several teas sets, some of which are very old.

Barbie and Other Dolls

Porcelain Dolls

Recently, we added a collection of 24 handmade all-porcelain dolls to the house. These dolls are porcelain from head to toe and have handmade costumes as well.

Barbie Room

Our Barbie room contains collector's Barbies preserved in their original packaging. In the Barbie room, you'll also find a collection of hand-crocheted costumes from the 1800s and 1900s. These are a must-see!


We are open for tours Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Special tours can be arranged at any time by calling (605) 647-0170.

Pictures of My Collection

Assorted Dolls Two Larger Dolls and One Smaller Doll Collection of Dolls Doll with Long Red Dress Beautifully Dressed Dolls