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Lovely Custom Doll Clothing

Beautiful dolls deserve beautiful clothing. Adorn your dolls in dresses made from any fabric, design, or size you like by Cheryl's Doll House. Just bring us your doll and we'll create a unique dress tailored to your preferences.

Unique Dresses

Our doll clothing lasts longer and is better-made compared to other retailers. All our original designs are available at great prices. All seams are surged so there are never any raw edges on the hand made clothing.

Feel free to choose your own custom design with all the options you want for your dolls. We ask basic questions about the design to realize your vision for your doll. Prices will vary based on the size and design of dolls, starting at $25.00.

Special Order Dresses

These are just a few of the special order dresses we have created for our customers. 

Specially Ordered - Black and Red Dress Specially Ordered - Brown Pattern Dress Specially Ordered -  Purple Velvet Dress
Special Order Dresses Brown Dress Specially Ordered - White Lace Dress Specially Ordered - Gray Dress with Lace
Special Order Doll Dress Green Specially Ordered - Black and White Dress Special Order Doll Dresses with Gray Dress

American Girl Doll 18" & 15" Clothing

Our American girl doll clothes are all made lovingly by hand. They are also suitable for 15" Bitty Baby and Bitty Baby Twins. You will not have to wait because we have them in stock, so you can pick them off the rack. We also have special order collectible china-head doll dresses that are replicas of the time period when these dolls were popular, around 1870 to 1910.


Dolls need more than just dresses! We also carry a large selection of shoes, boots, and slippers, as well as accessories like glasses, gloves, handbags, headbands, socks, leggings, tights, and hats.

Doll Boots and Dolls

Minor Doll Repair

Restore your doll to good condition with our doll repair services. Most dolls are made with porcelain hands, head, and legs with the rest being cloth. We provide repair for any damaged part, from the cloth to the porcelain. We are also able to restring dolls and replace wigs.